When Trouble Calls…We Answer

San Antonio Police Officers are there for you and your family. When you call 911, we respond. That’s our job.
Unfortunately, as City management looks for ways to cut costs, they’re looking first to public safety. The City Manager is proposing to cut up to 90 police positions, while at the same time supporting expensive pet projects that have nothing to do with basic city services. We know that when police officers are taken off city streets, it threatens the safety of all our families.

For months now, the City has rejected our proposals for a fair and equitable solution on the subject of police health benefits. Nevertheless, we are ready to do our part to ensure that basic city services are met, budgets are balanced, and most importantly, your family’s safety is ensured. All we want is a fair hearing from the City, not a one-sided lecture.

Join us in supporting public safety by asking the City to negotiate fairly with the San Antonio Police Officers Association. Don’t let your family’s safety be jeopardized by cutting police officers.

Tell the City to make sure we have the resources necessary to answer the call!

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