San Antonio Deserves the Truth!

As we continue to try to negotiate fairly and responsibly with the City, it’s unfortunate to hear private threats and public denials coming from the City Manager.

In a closed-door meeting between City Manager Sheryl Sculley and San Antonio Police Officers Association president, Det. Mike Helle, the City Manager threatened to layoff up to 100 police officers unless the association agreed to her terms.

After Det. Helle made this threat public, the City Manager denied it, telling the media that she never threatened to layoff up to 100 police positions. Det. Helle, however, maintains the threat was made and says he’s willing to take a polygraph to prove it.

Det. Mike Helle will stand behind what he said. Will the City Manager?

If Sheryl Sculley won’t stand behind what she says to the police, then how can she be trusted to tell the truth about the city budget? When it comes to public safety, San Antonians deserve the truth from Sheryl Sculley, not threats made without the support of City Council.

San Antonio Police Officers work hard everyday to protect you and your family. We’re expected to tell the truth, and if we don’t, we can lose our job and even go to jail! Shouldn’t we expect the same from our city manager?

Join us in supporting public safety by asking the City to negotiate fairly and honestly with the San Antonio Police Officers Association.



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