noconfidence5Read the complete No Confidence After Action Report.

The After Action Report was developed to educate the community and our City leaders on the current state of morale and manpower in the San Antonio Police Department. The No Confidence Vote was conducted to send a clear message that the Membership of the San Antonio Police Officers Association has no Trust, or Confidence in the leadership of Police Chief William McManus.

Read the report and decide for yourself. We also ask that you read the testimonials below to hear how real police officers describe their morale and trust in City leadership.

May 1, 2016

"I am an LEO wife and have been for 12 years. Although the opportunity for my husband to be an SAPD officer is truly an honor and an honorable career, recently I have noticed he is disappointed with the department and the lack of leadership from the Chief of Police. The low morale in the department is a reflection of the Chief, who has also changed the standards of what was once the hardest and the best police department to work for... which doesn't help the situation.

The City Manager, the Evergreen lawsuit, and the No Confidence vote for the Chief has weighed heavily on the Department.  These men and women answer the calling to be a police officer, a peacemaker, and they understand that their job is a thankless job, but maintain their pride of being an officer, either on duty or off duty.

The City Manager, the Mayor and some Council Members as well as the Chief of Police have shown their lack of respect for these men and women that risk their lives every day. These men and women run into the most chaotic situation while others run from it. Yet, when the City Manager wanted the homeless people that lived near her downtown condo removed, she called on these men and women in Blue to remove them. Yet, she questions the medical benefits for these officers and their families. However, no one has said a thing about her benefits, compensation, and her overpaid salary.  But "our first responders are going to bankruptcy the city".  She has created a shortage in manpower throughout  the City, which puts our men and women in Blue more at risk.

We are all aware that San Antonio is one of the fastest growing cities and the residents in comparison to the police force is inadequate. There are not enough officers to keep up with the demands of our City, another example of what the citizens of San Antonio need to know.

Our officers see the very ugliness of the world we live in and yet they don't shy away from it.  A career at which my husband was and still is proud of...has changed his views a little. He is still loyal and would be there for any of his brothers and sisters in Blue. This is not just a "job" for him. He is the police officer that the public calls on in their time of need. But it is evident that there is a need of more support our men and women in Blue.

I have watched my husband leave our home night and day to go out and protect the citizens of San Antonio with such pride. The City manager, the Mayor, and some Council Members and the Chief do not respect what these men and women do every day.

I know that changing the view of police officers in the public's eye is an unrealistic expectation, but when the Chief of Police makes a public statement about a recent case involving Officer John Lee and showed his distaste for the recent incident, it doesn't make the opinion of police officers in the public's eye better. It shows that their leader has turned his back on his officers as well as the lack of support for his officers. The Chief criticized his officers in public as "making and example of him".  The Chief has implemented certain procedures that leave our officers restricted and limits our men and women in Blue's capability to protect and serve. But these are all things the public doesn't know, because our Mayor, City Council members and the Chief of Police all work for the City Manager, when it should be the other way around."

April 19, 2016

"My husband has been in the police department coming up on 5 years. I met him just as he was making plans to join the police academy. When he first joined he was so eager to help his community. He felt like he was making a difference and he was proud and respected.

Over the years, I have slowly watched that excitement and appreciation for his job fade. There is little to no appreciation or incentive to a job well done from superiors or the department. He is incredibly hard working and is always knocking out calls faster than the rest. Between the lack of support from the City and the media, I can tell he his very beat down. His previous drive to go the extra mile has deteriorated and his positive attitude is hard to find. We are devastated every time we hear of another loss of an officer gunned down because they are being targeted or committing suicide because the job has worn on them. We need to work as a Department and community on improving the perception of police officers and show more appreciation and respect for them. They should feel worthy of the sacrifice they are making for their family."

April 15, 2016

"I have stood by my husband's side as he left every night from the safety of our home and family to go serve and protect the citizens of San Antonio. At the beginning there was such great comradery amongst the Officer’s, the Chief's Office, City Council, and Mayor. A certain brotherhood that let nothing come between them. We have seen a lot of good men and women retire along the way, but we always keep in touch. We have also seen a lot of men and women die in the line of duty that will never be forgotten. I miss those days. The days of everyone knowing and doing their job without interference from so much politics. Sure Sheryl Sculley seemed to be what San Antonio needed at the time, but Sheryl Sculley forgot along the way that she doesn’t run this City. It’s easy for her to pick up the phone and have the Chief do her dirty work and it’s become easier for the Chief to do it. The Mayor, Sculley, and Council, are ripping this City apart. I watched McManus give his speech and you could tell that he did not write it, he couldn’t even pronounce the words properly.

My husband has been on the negotiating team. It has been so hard seeing him come home so disheartened at what the City is doing to the great first responders of this City. We came up with the idea of not talking about it at home because of the severe stress it has caused both of us. My husband has never been on medication in his life and is now on high blood pressure medicine because there is no longer any outlet for his anger at what is happening between the City and the Officer’s. He tells me about the low morale of the officers and how so many of them are wanting to leave. This causes such a strain on the officers that are left due to manpower shortage.

After the Lee situation, I told my husband that I didn’t care what the politicos had to say, he was to do his job the way he was taught and to make sure to come home in the morning. You know, even with all the stress, manpower shortage, slaps in the face and lawsuits going on, the officers on the job will still get dressed, leave their family and home to go and protect the citizens of San Antonio. All because they swore to a code of ethics. Which is something the Mayor, Sculley, City Council, and McManus should remember about their jobs too.

Hang in there officers! Your family has got your six!"

April 13, 2016

"I am truly offended that the Police Chief, City Manager, and Mayor would say that we (specifically me) were bullied into voting 'No' on the two propositions recently as if we were powerless to make our own decisions. No one stood over my shoulder and forced me to vote 'No'. I made that decision on my own based on all the information at hand. I am a grown man capable of making these decisions on my own. Had I sided with the City, supported the Police Chief and Mayor, I would have voted the other way. I have many years on this department and have always felt less valued in the eyes of the City but I continue to serve the public for their sake. I will continue to serve the citizens I have sworn to protect even without the Police Chief's, City Manager's or Mayor's favorable opinions of us. I would hope that the Chief is made to re-retire, fired or resigned. I would hope that City Manager Sheryl Sculley were fired and come next term, Mayor voted out of office. But knowing history on this Department, I know that my hopes and opinions to the aforementioned will fall on deaf ears.

Morale, In my opinion, is really at it's all time low."

April 11, 2016

"I see my vote was more towards the city manager. I feel she is just as guilty as the Chief for bringing morale down to the lowest I have ever seen in my 22 years of service. I am in a unit where manpower is not consistent with the call load, which is also the fault of the Commanders in charge who have the ability to equal the manpower, but they favor their preferred units than treating all under his control as equal. This at times has made me thought of retiring to regretting promoting doing the job that I love to do. So I feel the reason for my low morale is an issue that is created by the City Manager, Chief, and Captain."

"Morale worse then I have seen 20 yrs for a multitude of factors. Seems things keep getting worse. More policy changes, body cams knee, jerk responses to national trends prompted by false media reporting. Officers now afraid of doing anything more then the minimum.

Manning is gone to the dogs. We cannot keep at this and provide protection to the city. How did the problem of low manning occur? Well, it has to start at the top.

I did not feel bullied."

"As soon as the Chief returned, it was obvious that he was a pawn to the City Manager in her efforts to break the morale of the Police department. At every turn, he has proved just how far detached he has become to being a police officer. He is merely an administrator who gets to carry a gun, and he follows the logic that a police officer's funeral is cheaper than a lawsuit. I was ecstatic that the Association called for a No Confidence vote and nothing could have stopped me from voting the way that I did. I needed no encouragement whatsoever."

"28 years I ago I started a job that I loved. Now I go to work and I worry every day that if a situation comes up is the Chief going to back me which makes it hard to want to go to work...not only that but because I am worrying about that I can't keep my mind on situations that might occur which makes my decisions clouded and probably a wrong decision would be made and either me or my partner might not make it home that day. I can't work under these conditions and I don't think any of my brothers could either....there is no choice but to get rid of the Chief we have...."

How are SAPD Officers really feeling?

April 7, 2016

"If the Chief believes we were bullied, then ask him to attend roll calls and speak to us personally and ask the officers he says he backs up if we feel bullied. Have him ask the patrol officers who patrol the streets their ideas on how to clean up the Eastside, not some PERF analysis who has no idea what real police work is. If he wants to know why morale is low in support of him, ask the Chief to stand behind us at a SAPOA rally, not behind the City Manager or the Mayor. Ask him to stand up for the officers and say he was responding as trained when speaking to the media on major scenes and say the perpetrator was wrong so there's no doubt that he is standing behind us instead of giving a politician's answer. These are just a few ideas why I believe morale is low. I have other ideas but I know you asked us to keep it short."

"I have lost compete and total confidence in Chief McManus. A good boss does not abandon his people when the times get tough. This job has become hard enough knowing we don't have the trust, backing, or support of the community. Let alone that someone could murder me just because I wear this uniform. I understand at this point in my career that I can't trust them but I had hoped I could at least trust you. Chief McManus, you're my boss first, and I believe that you have forgetten that. You do answer to the community, but you also answer to me. We aren't the bad guys, we never were."

"I feel that from the time the Chief returned he was brought back to be the City Manager's puppet. One of his first statements was that we do not have a manpower the City is paying overtime to fill open districts rather than hiring the needed staff. Now the officers are getting tired and burnt out and is the City going to back one of them when something bad happens on duty, or on the way home due to their exhaustion? NO.

When the City Manager left Arizona it took years for that department to recover and bring their staff back to a reasonable point. We are being "starved out" by the lack of staff.

I am not ashamed of my viewpoint and it may be used in any way."

"Chief Mcmanus destroyed my belief in his ability to lead when he took it upon himself to destroy policing for Officer Lee and many others through a public show of weakness. I do not know Officer Lee, but I do know how I would feel if I were denied due process so the chief could take the easy way out. Even though the suspension was rescinded you have ended his career as he once knew it. He will likely be on admin. leave for years and tied up in civil court much longer. You, Sheryl Sculley, and the mayor have publicly and unfairly criticized his tactics and judgment and those criticisms will certainly be capitalized on in the civil trial against him. How can you expect me and my fellow officers to pro-actively address crime when doing so may lead to unjust suspension or termination if a suspect chooses noncompliance? I can no longer trust you to support my efforts to uphold the law and protect the public. I cannot trust you to make the right choice rather than the politically expedient one."

April 6, 2016

"How I feel about my police department: I used to feel honored to work for an outstanding police department where we were respected by both citizens and our own city leaders. That has changed, now I can't wait to retire and leave this mess in the rearview. The lack of respect from our own Chief, City Manager, Mayor, and some City Council has put morale on this department at an all time low. We need a fair contract, a new Chief who is not the lap dog to the City Manager. I would love to see an overhaul of city government, but I am realistic.

Mike I don't care if my name is public, I'm not afraid of retaliation."

"We are the only barrier between the good and bad citizens and we have a City Manager, Mayor and Chief who are doing everything in their power to put barriers up to keep Officers from doing their jobs. Because of their actions we as a department our currently lower manned, we have more officers retiring than ever before and collectively we have no faith in our Upper Leadership to back us if we find ourselves in a situation like Officer Lee. I have no faith in the Chief to take care of me or my family if my day goes bad. This department needs a Chief who understands what it means to be a Police Officer, NOT A POLITICIAN."


"First off let me start by saying I am a proud member of SAPD and continue to be despite everything going on around us. I am not one to complain and do my job to the best of my ability day in and day out. However, there have been many issues that have been brewing even before the Officer Lee debacle that our Chief, City Manager and Mayor don't seem to care about. First, it seems no one cares about our voices being heard especially at the patrol level, you know the alleged "backbone" of the department. Starting with CAD and AFR systems, no one asked input from patrol in regards to these systems it was just shoved down our throats like everything else. Eventually though like the good soldiers we all are we have dealt with all the issues these systems present. I cannot began to tell you the number of manpower hours wasted because the system may not work on a particular day in your vehicle. Another issue that has nothing to do with technology that just gets swept under the rug like everything else is the number of suicides our department has had. No one in upper management nor the city has had the guts to address this quality of life issue we face as officers. In my humble opinion the Chief should come up with solutions to this issue instead of treating it like it does not exist. A true leader that is in touch with his people would be finding a way to make sure the issue of suicide among officers is addressed. Finding a place for an officer to hide while he/she is going through tough times is not a solution. I will end by stating I was not threatened by anyone to vote, I was just simply asked to make sure I vote no matter if it was for or against the two issues. Thank you for your time."

"I voted No Confidence in the Chief's ability to lead the Department mainly for one reason: He has always catered to the media view on a situation and tailors his discipline accordingly. He has never stepped up and supported his people when the situation has gone bad in the media. Since the beginning it has been this way, and the situation with Lee was just an egregious example of it. The officers on patrol continued to work, regardless of the contract situation or the atmosphere nationwide, until the day Lee got suspended. Now, morale sucks and any extra on site activity the officers were willing to perform has stopped. We always understood the City has never had our best interests at heart, but to get it from behind like the Chief just administered was the final blow.
I'm not sure where we go from here, but nothing will get better while the Chief is here. I know he is not going anywhere, and the officers will continue to do their jobs, but he will not get anything extra from them."

"When McManus retired and surprisingly came back, one of the first actions he took was to counter the opinion of the Association when the Association told City Council that Annexation would put the police and fire departments in a bind with a manpower issue. McManus went before the media that the Association was wrong because of classes of 18 and 23 trainees in the academy would fill the gap of nearly two hundred vacancies we currently have and that with better training it could be done. Nothing was mentioned of how shifts are understaffed and officers are having to work on their days off to fill the void of manpower issues across the city. When the situation with Officer Lee happened and the Chief said he was going to suspend the officer, I feared for my job and what could happen if I had to use the kind of force Lee used knowing the Chief may fire me for protecting my own life because I don't expect to allow someone to kill me without trying to defend myself. I doubted my job as an officer and now wonder if I should make the kind of effort to do the job with the this skepticism of the Chiefs actions which do not seem to be looking out for the officers he used to be a leader for."

"We were not bullied! If we speak out we will be punished, the vote was an excellent way to voice or opinion. As you see how angry the Chief was at the news conference, imagine if I/we spoke the truth to him or the Chief's command staff in person what the consequences would be. We have a disease in our system and it starts with Sculley, City Council and the Chief working as her puppet.

We have a two face City Manager, City Council and command staff. They smile shake our hands and then stab us in the back. They don't respect the Police and Fire departments and it shows by all the lies and deception that has come from them all.

I can't see things getting better with morale until we have a City Manager, Police Chief and City Council that realizes the importance of the men and women and their family's who serve and sacrifice every day to make this city a greater safer city to live in.

The real bully in this city is the City Manager! I believe things will only get worse as long as she is running this City! The dislike the Manager has for first responders is apparent!"

"I think we have a Chief that loves being on TV and in the papers. So with his rash decision making he knows he will be publicized. In the case of Lee, there was no difference in the case itself from when he fired him and when he took it back. He just wanted the media attention that others around the US are getting. We have a very small group of activists against police in the city so the pressure was minimal. He'll continue to make these horrible decisions, then take it back as long as he's our Chief. Nobody wants to do police work anymore. The East side is going crazy and it's because officers don't understand how they are not going to put themselves at a "tactical disadvantage", doing their job."

"Morale is completely gone. Because of the Chief and his policies I can't chase on foot or vehicle the criminal who is terrorizing the neighborhood with out a Sergeant. What can be done to fix the problem is quit pandering to the criminals. The citizens want to be safe and have there property be there when they return home. They dont want narcotics and prostitution on the corner where there children walk by. Let me go catch the problem and quit tying my hands with Sgt approval, warrant checklist, and operational plan for every event. They have a place but not for every event. Texas law says I can but Chief says I can't."

"Morale worse then I have seen 20 yrs for a multitude of factors. Seems things keep getting worse. More policy changes, body cams knee, jerk responses to national trends prompted by false media reporting. Officers now afraid of doing anything more then the minimum.

Manning is gone to the dogs. We cannot keep at this and provide protection to the city. How did the problem of low manning occur? Well, it has to start at the top.

I did not feel bullied."

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