Ivy Taylor is Wrong for Public Safety


When Ivy Taylor’s bail bonds business was shot at by gang members, she and her husband wouldn't press charges to keep the perpetrators off the street.

What makes you think she will stand up for your family and our public safety?

Fact is, under Ivy Taylor's leadership, the San Antonio Police Department is understaffed by 135 officers.

Fewer officers on the street puts your family’s safety at risk.

If Ivy Taylor won’t support public safety, then we shouldn't support her.

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Here's Why Ivy Taylor is Wrong for Public Safety

  • With our City facing a critical shortage of ambulances and emergency medical services personnel, Ivy Taylor voted to cut an ENTIRE EMS recruit class and move funding to the Streetcar project. In the process, Taylor put lives in jeopardy.
  • Under Interim Mayor Taylor’s tenure, 3 cadet classes have been cancelled and now, the San Antonio Police Department is understaffed by 135 officers.
  • Interim Mayor Taylor and her husband, Rodney, own Marshall Bail Bonds, and after gang members shot up their bail bond business, Rodney Taylor failed to file a police report, which left the suspects involved on the street. These suspects went on to be the perpetrators of a fatal shooting. (San Antonio Express-News, May 25, 2015)
  • Interim Mayor Ivy Taylor has flip-flopped on the issue of whether or not she will raise your property taxes. Although she denies ever supporting tax increases, city records show otherwise. In May 2014, the council conducted its annual goal-setting meeting for the upcoming fiscal year’s budget. Officials, including then-District 2 Councilwoman Taylor, were presented with three budget scenarios that could be used to prepare the fiscal year 2015 budget. Two scenarios (A&B) included a 1-cent increase to the city’s property tax rate. “Taylor said she supported Scenario B and noted that she ‘was open to looking at the property tax last year’ as well”. (San Antonio Express-News, March 18, 2015)

San Antonio Deserves a Mayor who will make Public Safety Priority #1. That’s why the men and women of the San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association and the San Antonio Police Officers Association ask Voters to Protect San Antonio and Vote for Leticia Van De Putte for Mayor of San Antonio.

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