Primary Endorsements for 2018

The San Antonio Police Officers Association is proud to announce their 2018 primary endorsements. We are thankful for every candidate who took the time to sit down and talk with our team. Our endorsement process encompasses a thorough interview geared towards identifying the candidates who best understand the role of law enforcement officials in our community.

As a family, SAPOA endorsed those candidates who offered an open door policy and approach to public safety that values and recognizes the unique sacrifice our first responders play in San Antonio. Our endorsement is a partnership and we look forward to supporting our endorsed candidates as they seek election in March.


Lt. Governor
Dan Patrick

Sate Representatives
District #119 Roland Gutierrez
District #120 Barbara Gervin-Hawkins
District #122 Lyle Larson
District #124 Ina Minjarez

Justice 4th court of Appeals Place 4
Justice Luz Elena Chapa

Justice 4th Court of Appeals Place 2
Justice Marialyn Barnard

District court Judges
District Judge 45th Judicial District, Judge Stephani Walsh
District Judge 144th  Judicial District, Judge Lorina Rummel
District Judge 150th Judicial District, Judge Renee Yanta
District Judge 186th Judicial District, Judge Jefferson Moore
District Judge 224th Judicial District, Judge Cathleen ” Cathy ” Stryker
District Judge 225th Judicial District. Judge Peter Sakai
District Judge 227th Judicial District, Judge Kevin M. O’Connell
District Judge 285th Judicial District, Judge Richard Price
District Judge 289th Judicial District, Judge Daphne Previti Austin
District Judge 290th Judicial District, Judge Melisa Skinner
District Judge 436th Judicial District, Judge Lisa K. Jarrett
District Judge 437th Judicial District, Judge Lori l. Valenzuela

County Court
CC #1.  Judge John D Flemming
CC #2   Judge Jason Wolff
CC #3   Judge David J. Rodriguez
CC #4   Judge Jason Garrahan
CC #5   No Decision yet
CC #6   Judge Wayne Christian
CC #7   Judge Eugenia ‘Genie’ Wright
CC #8   Judge Mary Roman
CC #9   Judge Walden Shelton
CC #10 Judge Karen Crouch
CC #11 Judge Tommy Stolhandske
CC #12 Judge Scott Roberts
CC #13 Judge Crystal Chandler
CC #14 Judge Susan Skinner
CC #15 Judge Bob Behrens