Doubting the Worth of Our Sacrifice

We all know that this job requires sacrifice. We put on our uniform everyday for a dangerous job, never knowing if at the end of it, we will make it back to our families.

But we do the job we love – protecting San Antonio – because we know that if something ever happens to us, San Antonio has our back. This is our peace of mind.

Now, however, as we negotiate our benefits package, the City Manager is putting that assurance into doubt.

We have presented two proposals that offer full cost control and ensure the public safety budget will never threaten the City’s financial status. Unfortunately, these have been rejected without a single idea in return.

To make matters worse, City management is misrepresenting facts and attacking police over less than 1% of the budget, all while funding pet projects like streetcar that costs millions.

As always, we are ready to do our part to ensure that basic city services are met, and our actions up to now demonstrate that we want to negotiate. But we want a fair hearing, not a one-sided lecture.

Join us in supporting public safety by asking the City to negotiate fairly with the San Antonio Police Officers Association.

Click to listen to the radio ad.



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