City of San Antonio Collective Bargaining

  • Collective Bargaining rights were established in 1975 by a public referendum.
  • The first CBA contract was negotiated in 1976, and contained an evergreen clause without an expiration date.
  • Based on City of San Antonio (COSA) concerns, in 1984 the evergreen clause was modified to reflect an expiration date of 10 years after the CBA ratification.
  • All COSA/SAPOA CBA’s since 1984 have included the evergreen clause as it is currently stated.
  • SAPOA and COSA have negotiated 13 collective bargaining contracts since 1984.
  • The current CBA was passed by the City Council, signed Sheryl Sculley, City Manager, and approved by SAPOA July 2, 2010.

The purpose of our collective bargaining process is to promote the efficient and uninterrupted performance of police services, as well as provide for fair and reasonable compensation and working conditions for Police Officers. This preamble (purpose), has been in our CBA for 38 years.

SAPOA acts as a steward of the tax payer’s money and seeks to improve the delivery of Police Services, while controlling costs, limiting fiduciary risk, and providing COSA with budgetary certainty. The finished CBA reflects a total compensation package, including pay, medical, pension, and prefunded retirement health care cost.

SAPOA prefers using an integrated approach to CBA negotiations which attempts to:

  • Create a free flow of information.
  • Understand all stakeholders’ real needs.
  • Emphasis commonalities.
  • Search for solutions that meet goals/objectives of both side.

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