Police officers are about sacrifice.

They understand the risk when they put their uniforms on and a police officer is willing to make that sacrifice to protect you and your family. All they ask for in return is assurances their health and their families will be taken care of should something happens that puts their life in jeopardy.

City leadership believes that sacrifice isn’t worth the benefits police officers currently have. The City Manager has threatened to lay off police officers to balance the budget. In truth, public safety is the last item that should face budget cuts, not the first. The City Manager needs to respect the fact that police and fire are unlike any other job in city government and the benefits are critical should a uniformed officer not return home to their families.

Laying off police officers puts your family’s safety in jeopardy. City leadership needs to stop the threats and get back to negotiating in good faith.

We can promise you this: the San Antonio Police Officers Association will be a professional partner in any negotiations. However, they cannot continue to negotiate with threats to force them to accept budget cuts.

We need truth and transparency. We need a partner in negotiations that wants to work with us to protect our community, both on the streets and in the city budget.

Learn more facts about your public safety.

Join us in supporting public safety by asking the City to negotiate fairly and honestly with the San Antonio Police Officers Association.

Listen to the latest radio spot by clicking the play button below.



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