November 26, 2022

Did You Know? San Antonio Reported the Highest Increase in Texas for Violent Crimes in 2019

DPS recently released their Crime in Texas Report1 for 2019 and San Antonio was at the top of the list for the city in Texas with the highest increase of violent crimes committed. Out of the four major cities in Texas, San Antonio saw the biggest surge in violent crimes.

Over the past year, violent crime surged in the state of Texas throughout the four major cities. While they only make up for 20% of the state’s population, they report almost 50% of the state’s violent crimes. San Antonio faced a 13% increase in violent crime rate, which consists of offenses such as murder, rape, robbery, and assault.1 At a time when many anti-police activists are urging for the defunding of police, many question such a radical and dangerous proposal when there has been an escalation of violent crime. Trends are indicating these numbers are going to continue to rise throughout Texas, which further proves the importance of our police officers.

In 2019, there were over 11,000 violent crimes committed in San Antonio, a 10.3% increase in violent crime over the previous year.1

Along with rising numbers of violent crimes, police officers in Texas have also faced an increase in officer assaults. Police officers put their lives on the line every time they go to work, and many people still do not truly understand the danger of their jobs. There were over 4,800 assaults on police officers in 2019, which is almost a 5% increase from 2018.1

If police officers in San Antonio lose funding, not only will the community likely see an uptick of violent crimes, and slower response times, but officers will be forced to face a higher number of dangerous calls and there will be an increase in officer assaults as well. Defunding the police would mean a significant decrease in the number of available officers and lower quality recruits, which is not what San Antonio needs or wants.

San Antonio is on the brink of going down a dangerous slippery slope and it is up to the citizens of San Antonio to prevent it. Right now, radical anti-police activists are gathering signatures to put a referendum on next May’s ballot to repeal police officer’s hard-earned rights – Civil Service protections (Chapter 143) and Collective Bargaining rights (Chapter 174).

This “Repeal” effort is just another way to “Defund Police.” Remember, don’t sign any petition and tell City Council to oppose defunding police and oppose repealing chapters 143 and 174. It’s easy, just go to:

1 “Crime in Texas,” Texas Department of Public Safety, September 4, 2020.

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  1. NO LONGER give city officials and their families police escorts/protection; let them drive their own personal self and family members/vehicles everywhere without use of LEOS personnel protection or use of city vehicles off the job… NO matter the event! Let’s see how safe they feel when terror threats their homes, families, like every SA citizen, etc. The same for our sports players and special events like FIESTA WEEK, MLK March, celebrities, visiting dignitaries, etc.


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