November 26, 2022

Challenges Police Officers Face With COVID-19

Right now, police departments all across the country are rising to the challenge of COVID-19 and working to promote and enforce new health and safety orders. In doing so,  police departments have had to adjust to new policies and restructure their patrolling protocols, all while ensuring officers stay safe themselves and minimize infections among their ranks.

SAPD is no exception and they have quickly adapted to the new reality. In addition to having to perform all their normal law enforcement duties, here are three things our officers are doing to ensure our community’s health through the duration of the City’s “Stay Home, Work Safe” order.

Minimizing Community Gatherings

Citizens are ordered to stay home in order to flatten the curve of COVID-19, unless it’s an emergency or to visit a health professional, buy groceries, go to the bank, or to get exercise. Parks are closed, except trails, and police officers have had to ensure citizens are following these rules. Easter weekend was no exception, with officers having had to patrol popular parks and send families to celebrate Easter safely at home.

Issuing Warnings to Unessential Businesses Staying Open

Some businesses have failed to stay closed under the “Stay Home” orders. Only businesses considered “essential” are allowed to stay open. This includes health care services, government functions, transportation services, and a few more. Even food and retail services are offering curbside pickup options only. Police officers have had to issue warnings to local businesses refusing to follow these orders.

Providing Safety for Each Other

Police Officers also have to look out for each other because the safety of our community depends on a healthy, well-functioning police force. So far, only six San Antonio police officers have tested positive for COVID-19 and those who have had contact with these individuals – seven police officers and five civilian employees – have been placed under quarantine.

Please know that while you’re doing your part to “slow the spread” by following the “stay at home” order and taking care of your family, our police officers are doing theirs by being out there, on the streets and in the neighborhoods, working to keep us all safe. For up-to-date information on COVID-19, click HERE.

8 thoughts on “Challenges Police Officers Face With COVID-19”

  1. May God bless and protect our SAPD officers and their families. They go to work during a pandemic to serve and protect our community. It is difficult and dangerous to their own families, especially as they return home after their shift. We appreciate their sacrifice.

  2. We appreciate you protecting the community during these trying times. I would also ask that you continue to protect our freedom and not issue citations for people who aren’t wearing masks. These are draconian orders that go against our constitutional rights. The citizens have the RIGHT to decide what’s best for them.

  3. Great article but it failed to mention the extra burden they all share when they go home and the extra precautionary steps they take to ensure they are ‘clean’ when they re-enter their homes to protect the family..their wives and children. After dealing with all sorts of ‘street people’, drug addicts, homeless..they are extra protective to keep themselves ‘clean’ when entering their own homes..thank them all for this extra duty…

  4. Stick to legal constitutional guarantees of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness shall not be infringed. Mayor can not override


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