San Antonio Police Officers do a job like no other.

It’s dangerous, and sometimes they make the ultimate sacrifice. But they know that’s what they signed up for – to face the danger, and to serve and protect the people of San Antonio.

Today, their job is more challenging than ever. In some communities around the country, police are being disrespected, and even targeted. In San Antonio, we have to make sure our Police have the resources they need, and that we recruit and retain only the best.

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So, as City Council prepares to vote on the Budget, here are some Facts to Consider:

  • SAPD is currently understaffed by more than 160 officers, and cannot even put together a full cadet class. This problem will grow even larger if the City follows through on their plan to annex a quarter million new people and 60 square miles of new land.
  • Law enforcement is a difficult and challenging career, and wages are key to recruit and retain good Police Officers. Although we’re not – and don’t expect to be – the top compensated police department in Texas, we still need to offer competitive incentives to get the best men and women.
  • In the ongoing contract negotiations, the Police Officers Association agreed to the City’s healthcare proposal, which would mean Police Officers would pay $20 million in premiums over the life of the contract. The City says healthcare is their biggest priority, and their acceptance would have saved San Antonio $67 million, but they still said no.

Budgets are about dollars and cents, but we shouldn’t lose sight of what really matters: the quality of our police force and the safety of every San Antonio resident.

We’re here to do good for our community. It’s a tough job, but we’re not complaining, we’re just asking for Respect from our City leaders.

Stand With Us

Please let your City Councilman know that you support the San Antonio Police and Fire Departments.

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