• pulling money out of wallet

    Your Tax Dollars at Work!

    If we ever needed more proof that Mayor Nirenberg and City Manager Sculley have no problem spending money on a losing cause, a new analysis by the office of Councilman Greg Brockhouse shows just how much the City has spent on a losing lawsuit against San Antonio First Responders.

    As of April 1st, the total cost of all “evergreen clause” lawsuits against police and fire is $1,173,642.32. City-employed attorney are also not apparently good enough, so the City Manager has hired an outside legal team made up of high-priced lawyers, many of whom also happen to be old friends and associates. These attorneys representing the City at the Texas Supreme Court may collectively bill San Antonio taxpayers at a rate of $3,010.00 per hour!

    After already losing in lower courts, the City is now appealing to the Texas Supreme Court alleging evergreen clauses are unconstitutional. This is strange, though, because the City recently signed an eight-year contract with the San Antonio Police Officers’ Association that includes an evergreen clause.

    Nevertheless, the costs of the City’s lawsuit against the San Antonio Professional Firefighter’s Association are overwhelmingly high and out of control. The mayor says he wants to negotiate, but our position has been clear from the beginning: drop the lawsuit and firefighters will be at the table.

    While firefighters suffer the most from this, this also affects taxpayers. To prevent more cost to taxpayers, the City must drop the lawsuit, because the only people winning are the lawyers.